Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Sleep

After a long and stressful day of work, it is inevitable for your eyes to feel tired and dry. It is only natural to experience this, most especially if your job involves a lot of computer usage. Moreover, the best remedy for this concern is getting a good night’s sleep.

However, in today’s constantly lit-up world, it can be hard to regulate the amount of light that we consume. Since light has many effects on one’s health and sleep, too much light at night can undoubtedly undermine your sleep experience. Excessive blue light exposure can be detrimental to your health and can cause macular degeneration.

Even more so, blue light does not only come from excessive usages of screens, such as smartphones and computers. In fact, it can also come from environmental lighting, which includes the lights from your homes and public establishments. Although limiting your screen time usage can reduce exposure, it can still be insufficient protection against blue light.

That is why most people consider computer glasses or blue light blocking glasses as a must-have. Unlike typical glasses that filter light, blue light glasses are a more effective way to ensure that your eyes are protected against unwanted light exposure.

Moreover, blue light blocking glasses help you feel more relaxed and less strained. Most users admit that after wearing light blocking glasses for a few hours going to bed, they were able to get back to their usual sleeping pattern. Hence, the usage of blue light blocking glasses is proven to be beneficial to one’s health.

Why does blocking blue light at night help you sleep?

One of the few questions you might have in mind is the relevance of blocking blue light to help you sleep. Often, one’s sleep experience is associated with the amount of light that is present. Also, you may not be aware of this, but your eyes are not good at blocking blue light most especially when you are trying to sleep.

But why does the exposure to different colors affect your sleep cycle? More than any other color, blue light tends to mess with your body’s ability when preparing for sleep. This is because it blocks hormones, such as melatonin, which makes a person sleepy.

This is where the blue light filter and blocking glasses play a vital role. When using your smartphone or computer at night, it would help if you use blue light blocking glasses to reduce the disruption of your melatonin level. By blocking harmful wavelengths to your melatonin production, you can experience an improved and more relaxed sleep experience.

The Blublox blue light blocking glasses

Blublox blue light blocking glasses are one of the advanced light blocking glasses that address exact frequencies of light to optimally produce melatonin – allowing users to restore sleep and health.

The Blublox blue light blocking glasses are designed in unisex frames that perfectly suit their users’ different styles. Their frames are available in different shapes such as round, rectangle, and wayfarer. Besides, their advanced lenses are stylish and combat digital eye strain, poor sleep, and mood.

Furthermore, Blublox Sleep+ blue light blocking glasses eliminate 100% of blue and green light between 400nm to 550nm. This is the exact range that can disrupt one’s melatonin level and negatively impact one’s sleep. For more optimal results, it is best recommended to use Sleep+ blue light blocking glasses two to three hours before going to bed.

What’s more, is that Blublox Sleep+ blue light blocking glasses are not only useful in restoring and improving sleep. But, you can also use it as a tool to manage jet lag. In fact, some of the world’s most optimal athletes and wellness professionals use Sleep+ to regain focus and recovery.

Now that we have seen what Blublox blue light blocking glasses have to offer, let us delve into its advantages and drawbacks to see if it meets your expectations.

What Blublox got it right

1. Eliminates 100% of blue and green light between 400nm to 550nm

One of the best things that users love about Blublox blue light blocking lenses is that it effectively blocks 100% of blue light compared to other brands.

The Blublox Sleep+ red lenses can block 100% of blue light that ranges between 400nm to 550nm. With this number of wavelengths found in artificial light, your natural sleep cycle can inevitably be disturbed.

The SummerGlo yellow lenses can block 100% of 400nm to 495nm of wavelengths. SummerGlo lenses are ideal for people who suffer from migraines, anxiety, light sensitivity, and mood changes.

The BluLite clear lenses act as a blue light filter that eliminates glare. These lenses can reduce headaches, stress levels, and digital eyestrain – leaving your mind and eyes to feel more refreshed.

2. Good selection of styles

Blublox does not only offer different types of lenses that work for various purposes, but it also provides a good selection of frame styles. As mentioned earlier, Blublox’s frames come in different frame shape designs to cater to their users’ different styles.

On top of that, Blublox’s frames are lightweight to provide comfort along with style. They are also durable, which is beneficial for users who like to wear a pair of blue light blocking glasses a few hours before going to bed. If you want to purchase a pair of blue light blocking glasses and intend to use it on a daily basis, its durability is hugely vital.

In addition, Blublox gives you the option to send your frames in prescription and non-prescription lenses. It also offers different sizing options to create a perfect fit for kids and adult users.

3. Reputable well-established company

Blublox is an Australian brand that quickly grew and became popular on social media. Because it offers one of the best, stylish, and durable blue light blocking glasses, many users tried and enjoyed their products.

Users, specifically athletes and wellness professionals who tried Blublox’s lenses, claim that the blue light blocking lenses that Blublox offer have helped them regain their focus and recover quickly.

Thus, this helped the company establish a good reputation. Blublox did not only focus on producing quality blue light blocking glasses to lessen exposure from harmful light and restore vision. But, they also paid attention to educating their users and helping them understand the science behind light – and how it makes a difference to their health and well-being.

What Blublox could improve on

1. Lack of custom styles

Some users may feel the need to level up the style of the glasses they purchase and might even want to customize them. Although Blublox’s blue light blocking glasses are offered in various styles, they lack an option for customization.

Some customers have unique preferences and specifications. Despite providing many frame shapes, designs, and sizing options, others might want an option to customize as this makes them feel more comfortable when wearing the product.

Not only that, but customizing according to your preferred style adds uniqueness to the blue light blocking glasses that you want to purchase.

2. Ship from outside the US

Blublox offers free international shipping for orders over AU$100. However, their international shipping has its drawbacks. Usually, international orders take 5 business days to arrive at the customer’s address. But, some customers experience delays in shipping, which can be a little inconvenient.

Meanwhile, for Australian customers, Blublox offers a free shipping fee with a minimum order of AU$50. Besides, shipping would take 2-6 business days before customers receive their orders.

3. Premium-priced product

With all of what Blublox light blocking glasses have to offer, customers do not expect their glasses to be budget-friendly. Regardless of its durability and style, many people may favor a cheaper product that functions almost the same as Blublox’s offerings.

Besides, since there are many brands to choose from, some customers may find the need to explore other premium retailers and purchase top of the range frames and lessens at a much affordable price. Even though Blublox provides quality blue light blocking glasses, it is still vital for customers to choose a product with a reasonable price.

Overall rating: 9.6 out of 10

With all the factors considered, Blublox blue light blocking glasses’ overall rating is 9.6 out of 10. This clearly shows that Blublox is a crowd favorite because of its effectiveness in helping people relieve migraines, headaches, stress levels, and recover their natural sleep cycle.

However, the lack of custom styles hinders it from becoming the perfect blue light blocking product. This can be a critical disadvantage, especially for customers who have unique specifications with the product they want to purchase.

After all, the saying customers are always right should be taken into consideration. It is immensely important to consider what your customers want to satisfy them with what you offer.

Blublox blue light blocking glasses: The perfect tool for an improved sleep experience

To wrap this up, blue light blocking glasses work perfectly well to restore your vision, health, and well-being. The sentiments of those who were able to try using this product are the living proof of its effectiveness.

If you are one of the people who want to improve their focus and sleep experience, Blublox blue light blocking glasses is one of the most recommended and effective brands. After all, Blublox did not build an excellent reputation from no good user reviews.

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