Body Weight Heaven WOD – April 9th – Ab workout

It’s April 9th! How are your workouts progressing? Friday is almost here, so we want to make sure you have the right workout plan. Having a strong set of abs is critical to most sports, so let’s make sure you’ve developed them to their utmost. Corona or no Corona, staying fit and focused is key to mental and physical health. Let’s get you focused on some ab workouts!

  1. Hanging Leg Lifts – you will need a chin up bar or some structure that allows you to lift your legs. This exercise is simple: hang from the bar and lift your legs and then do it again!
  2. Side Planks – you’re on your side with this one! Put your elbow to the ground and then lift from your core, and repeat!
  3. Star Planks – we’re basically keeping the shoulder taps going, with this exercise. The difference is you are holding one arm out horizontally. In other words, only three points are on the ground, with one arm outstretched.
  4. Crunches – we all know the goodness of crunches – go get it!
  5. Upward Dog – let’s add in some Yoga here! Upward dog is one of the best ab stretches. Get in to a laying position and push your upper body upwards, keeping your legs on the ground.
  6. Burbees – now we’re getting somewhere… Burbees are king of the body weight workout! Get into a push up (extended) position and then quickly bring your knees close to your chest. Now, jump from there (end with a clap). Next, got back down to the push up position and do it all over again.
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